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TiTAN U.S. Corporation is a Global technology Business at the intersection of creativity and technology.
We are the new global marketplace, where ideas and art meet commerce and communication, all supported by breakthrough patented copyright protection.

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  • TiTANplatform Moves to Gangnam

    TiTANplatform, Shell-Swapping into a larger, more suitable home.            Our company has undergone a metamorphosis, growing both in scale and size. It was a matter of time we swapped offices, as the one in Gasan became too small to suffice the need of the growing company. On Saturday January 23rd, the Titan Family emptied the Gasan office to move into a bigger shell in Yeoksam, one of the biggest office complexes in South Korea.              On Saturday morning, everyone from staffs to executives gathered in the Gasan office with high hopes for moving into the central business hub of South Korea. Since it was Saturday, I personally was expecting some groans and moans from some of our family members. However, despite the fact that some of us had to sacrifice our “weekend brunch”, the excitement we all felt from the idea that we ‘grew-out’ of the Gasan office overwhelmed all shady emotions. There was also the fact that our own CEO was one of the first ones to arrive at the old office to do the heavy lifting himself. To see our own CEO lifting the same table with one of our intern family members was, hands down, the most beautiful sight I have seen in years.              With everyone’s cooperation, every table, chair and equipment was loaded into the humungous moving truck in no time. Though it did not take long, the journey from Gasan to Gangnam was one of the longest journeys for the Titan Family members as many of us was filled with both nervousness and excitement about our first trip to our new home. “I hope there is a huge window”, “Do you think there will be a bigger rest area?”, and “I hope there was a high tech meeting office”. We were all full of wonders.              It was not long before we were standing in front of this luxurious building that could not possibly be where we were moving to. Huge windows, car elevators, and everything. Up the building was an office huge enough to give everyone abundant workspace with a glass wall that surrounded the whole office space. The sunshine that covered the whole office was so warm and bright, reminding all of us, the bright future that awaited.  “If I don’t do the heavy lifting on my own company, who else will?” TiTANplatform CEO, Yoon Young-   TiTANews


  • TiTANplatform, Kicking off 2016

    top left: Life skills | top right: CEO, Young Yoonbottom left: Titan Family | bottom right: Introduction   TiTANplatform, kicking off 2016The first morning of the year was filled with the sound of clicking keyboards and ringing phones. However, beneath the surface was an invisible sense of pressure that everyone felt within. Yes, year 2015 was great! But how about this year? Everyone did not want to fall behind. Sensing the uneasiness diffusing throughout the office, our CEO, Mr. Young Yoon called everybody in for a kick-off meeting. Though it was not easy to break the ice, the snacks and drinks full of sugar helped us loosen up our shoulders a little bit.  The first to speak was no one other than our CEO, Mr. Young Yoon. By the looks on our faces, it was obvious that everyone was expecting some presentation regarding the main targets and strategies; the usual ‘business stuff’. However, the first few words that he spoke was “Everyone, I wish you all to be healthy this year, and I want all of you to take initiative. I may be the CEO but the company is yours.” For the next few minutes, we were guided through his knowhow of how to become successful not only in our work and career, but also as a person. We were told to speak our thoughts, to shout out problems, to make new friends, and to catch our opportunities in life. After the whole speech, we no longer felt that we were working for some bigshot ‘CEO’ but rather living together in an ecosystem, where Mr. Young Yoon, as a person, was supporting us through our daily lives. Soon after, the head of each department spoke their visions for the company and how their actions would affect each and every one of the Titan family members. The main highlight of our kick off meeting was the part where we introduced our newest members. At first they said hi, introduced themselves, and expressed what they wanted to achieve within the company. The usual drill. However, the heavy air lifted when each one of them started to show their talents. Not work related, other unique talents that they possessed. People sang, danced, and shared their funny episodes, filling the room with applauds and laughter. After the kickoff meeting, phones rang and keyboards clicked. But this time, there was nothing lurking beneath the surface. “We consider individuals as the most valuable resource in our business, and believe that business value is realized through visualization and perseverance” TiTANplatform CEO, Yoon Young-TiTANews 


  • TiTANplatform 2015 end of year ceremony

    top left: cake cutting (CEO and Vice president) | top right: Titan Familybottom left: CEO toast | bottom right: Treats for the familyTiTANplatform 2015 end of year ceremonyYear 2015 was a great year for the Titan Family. Throughout the year, our company has undergone a metamorphosis from a cocoon to a well-funded global company. From the foundation of the U.S TiTAN Corporation to successful fundraising, 2015 was a year where our hard work started to pay off. Apart from the luxurious goodbye we had on the cruise, we also held a humble yet meaningful end of year ceremony on New Year’s Eve.  How the ceremony started was quite a surprise for everyone. At 5:00PM, when everybody was busily shuffling through their daily obligations, our CEO, Mr. Young Yoon, told everybody to put our pens down. Though it has been a while since many of us was out of school, we dropped whatever we were doing as if we were students waiting for an announcement. “Everyone stop working. You have done enough for the year already and it is time to celebrate” said our CEO, personally greeting everyone to the meeting room that was secretly decorated to become a small party room. The room was filled with pizzas of different kinds that took account for every taste of the Titan family members, beverages of different kinds and some champagne. There was even a cake so big it could fill everyone’s sugar cravings. We were really there to celebrate.  While enjoying our celebration, we all looked back at the year and praised each other for our contributions to making TiTANplatform what it is today. Hard feelings were buried and workloads were lifted.  To come to think of it, it was because we were not afraid to go on an adventure that we succeeded this year. We left everything behind and focused on creating new values, exploring new continents, and choosing alternate pathways. And it paid off.  On behalf of our CEO, we hope that everyone, including our company, to keep on challenging themselves on a new adventure to realize our true potential. To make dreams meet reality.  “Adventures are the most precious asset of our lives… so precious that it is worth leaving behind everything that you have” TiTANplatform CEO, Yoon Young-TiTANews


  • Thank you, and Goodbye 2015

    top left: My love from the stars | top right: CEO and abroadbottom left: CEO speech | bottom right: Magic show  Thank you, and Goodbye 2015To celebrate our fruitful year, every member of the Titan Family – including friends and family – gathered on a cruise boat across the Han River. The fact that the cruise boat was the exact cruise boat where the hit drama “My love from the stars” was shot definitely made many of us more excited than we should be. All very hyped up, we entered the main hall where we were greeted by a professional announcer. In front of us was an event hall filled with oversized chandeliers, well-polished furniture, white cloth, butlers, and everything ‘exclusive’ that we normally see on TV. Suddenly, what could have been a mundane company event turned into one of the scenes from ‘the great Gatsby’. To remain formal, our CEO, Mr. Young Yoon gave an opening speech for the first twenty minutes. During this time, we were reminded of all the achievements we have made in the past year. To see where we started off in the beginning of the year up to the point where we are standing right now gave us all a sense of proudness, proudness very similar to that of a parent watching a video of their child growing up. “For what we have right now, I thank all of you. Raise your glasses. To us!” and the cruise set sail across the evening. Cruising along, the fresh air at the deck provided us with the much needed sense of relief while the delicious course meal served our appetite. The food was great and the jazz band was fantastic. However, just as we thought we have seen everything, we noticed that some of us started to disappear. The music stopped and appeared on the stage were four groups, all one of our own, getting ready to perform. To see them sing, dance, and act on stage was a brightening experience for everyone, even those who were new to our family. And of course, the best performers were rewarded. After the awards, we were then taken on a mystical adventure lead by a professional magician. Writing this article, I have been reminded yet again of how much Mr. Young Yoon is thinking of us. It is not easy to host a company event that would actually last in our memories. Driving past the Han River, I can still hear what we all shouted together.  “Passion, Compassion, Agility”. With such spirit, I have no doubt that next year would also be a great year for us all. TiTANews 


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